About the Programme

Discovering the Clyde has been a long-term programme designed to improve understanding of how humans have created, been affected, changed and been changed by the River Clyde. A series of projects have examined some aspects of the river from its source to the sea. We invite you to use this website to discover new ways of looking at the river, and start to create new ideas about the heritage of this amazing 176km long thread of history.

What did it do?

Through fieldwork, desk-based research, and messing about in the river, the programme stimulated a flow of ideas and information about the historic environment of the river and people’s interactions with it. It did this through a range of projects that researched the physical historical remains; data and archive material, and through engagement with local people, people with particular interests – and anybody who wanted to get involved.

Who has taken part?

The programme generated information for a broad range of users and interested parties; from cultural heritage managers to planners and historic environment researchers; from academics to the public. Everyone can benefit from the fascinating discoveries and stories that have been revealed as the programme unfolded.


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